¡Ya lo tenemos encima! / The final sprint!

¡¡4 días!!

después de tan larga espera ya encaramos los últimos días. La mayoría de nosotros ya tenemos las minis listas y estamos puliendo detalles: imantar, peanas, estandartes... y la mesa! Como, con el tiempo justo, pero ya va tomando forma.

Just 4 days!!

after a long waiting, we're finally reaching the deadline. Most of us already have their models finished and we're ending other details: magnets, bases, banners... and the gameboard! Just in time, but it's coming real.

Tan sólo algunas imágenes del montaje y vuelvo a ello!

Just a pair of pictures about its making of.


  1. Solo 4 días!!! espero que os de tiempo a terminarlo, tiene una pinta espectacular!!

  2. ufff.si que hay que correr...para q seque todo bien y poder pintar encima...que viene...que viene...

  3. Ánimo!!!! que ya queda nada!!! :D

    1. PD: menuda esnifada de olor a pintura os vais a dar XD

    2. No veas! Voy con mascarilla todo el rato.

  4. Hi,

    I am following you impressive attempt to play biggest WFB battle for a long time now. I am really impressed with not only scale and work you have pun into making it real but also skill. Your Kholeck sun eater and Magnus are one of the best conversions I have ever seen. This is just incredible. I am very sad you battle won’t be available for public. Although I live in Eastern Europe I was seriously considering flying to you for a weekend to see it with my one eye. I cannot wait for battle rapport and all photos.
    I know it is late and you don’t have time to make any changes but me and my friends once every year, for more than 10 years, are playing WFB battles for 20-30 k points on each side (40-60k total, unfortunately most of miniatures are unpainted).
    I am sure you have huge experience with big battles but I thought I will write some of my thoughts about big battles maybe you will find something about that useful.
    1) Everytime it takes more time then we thought. We usually start after work on Fridays and play whole weekend.
    Deployment takes incredible long. Putting one unit for each side on a table is not an option. Usually site that starts deploy all units on battlefield and then they opponents (site that goes second) can deploy whole army. Getting first turn is HUGE advantage with all fire power. Giving your opponent chance to set whole army against already deployed yours negate that just a little. It is worth mentioning that knowing you will go first give you some unfair advantage for vanguards movement.
    It is very hard to finish whole 6 turns in weekend (first day to deploy and two days paying around 14-16 hours a day) and even if you will manage it often feel like one more turn (or even 2) might be worth playing and could make a difference.
    2) Alhloe we are playing on battlefield that are 4-5 meters wide we found out that fast cavalry usually don’t have space to shine and it is very hard to flank with them. That is why we often play with additional space on left and right of deployment zone to allow for some maneuvers.
    3) 12” depth of deployment zone is not enough. When you play with units that are 70-100 man strong they are so long it is almost impossible to maneuver in the second line.
    4) 2d6 magic pool is not enough but we didn’t change it. I am interested how your 6d6 magic pool will it work. How will you determine dispel poll?
    5) With some many units and rolls there always will be some “stupid” role. There is no sadisfaction to win only because someone was super unlucky (failed Ward save on 2+ etc.) so we gave one re-roll of any dice or test once per battle for each side (gods intervention).
    6) If you are planning to make battle report with Battle Chronicler (grate tool for that) measure every pice of terrain before battle and make gaming table in this program before battle. Everything else can be put there from photos.
    7) Make a lot of photos. After every turn (shooting, moving, magic, combat). Some moves like overrun or feeing makes really hard to remember what every unit was doing.
    8) Print out ETC FAQ for 8ed. There are always a lot of questions concerning rules and they come handy.
    9) Make brakes. This is something we always forget. If you are in hurry and absorbed with crushing your enemy is it really easy to forget about proper brakes. After 10-14 hnonstop playing (thinking about strategy is really tiring) you may find yourself without will to play more.
    10) Make some wound marks. Cards you made are great but units like steam tank or canons will need some wound counting. Writing wound in roster sheet is not ideal.
    11) Victory points count. I know you have special Victory condition points and they seams really nice and balanced.
    Just wanted to notice we often saw at the last turn that unit that was worth 1000+ pts is left with 2-3 models and opposite players didn’t get single point for that unit (or steam tank with 1 wound left). It is super frustrating and in my opinion not fair so I am in favor for counting half points for units that lost more than 50% of their size.
    12) Have fun

    1. Hi Tomke,

      First of all thank you very much to give us all these impressions and ideas. I'm glad this project likes people as experienced in large battles as you are. And yes, to be honest it's a pitty you didn't write before, your opinions are helply. So, point per point:

      0) True. It's also a pitty not achievening a more appropiate scenario for the game. But who knows, maybe in a near future we can show the gameboard and models on a event (this is just speculation!). Anyway, your intention, honour us. If I may ask, where do you live?
      You speak about large battles, Don't have any blog or forum where we can see it? Would be amazing

      1) Yes, I know deployment could be a headache. This is the reason I push my companions on magnitizing models on movement trays and coming at the room with units assembled. Our initial idea was to put a simple (but large) cardboard in the middle of the table and deploy both armies at the same time. But this is not a competitive game, so maybe it's posible we use neither this.

      2) Iniatilly we plan to make the board even a little bit larger, but the space available its not so huge (as you will see in the repports). So, this is what we have...

      3) For sure. There is a deployment zone of 18". My Sigmar war altar alone sizes more than 15"... :)

      4) Taking the three higher results.

      5) Hmmmm... interesting think. I like it! Think we'll take it!

      6) Will be done. I have dozens of schemes on Freehand (designn program dead by Adobe Illustrator). Marc (I hope) will take that Battle Chronicler. Isn't true, Marc?!

      7) Yes. Photos don't panic me. Video recording do...

      8) I will tell Pep (who is making the army lists) to do that. Good point again.

      9) We will, we will...

      10) We will use different colour dices for each team, black for Team Kul, red for Team Magnus. And then white dices for wounds. In the case of large monsters I took some d12 dices.

      11) Absolutely. This is the way we use to do in tournaments.

      12) I pray for it.

      Thanks again!

  5. Battle Chronicler nice idea! I have to check if this can be installed on Linux, I guess under Wine will not be a problem. I'll let you know *^^*

  6. I live in Poland.
    We never bothered to post any of our photos because most of our minis are unpainted and in result photos are not so attractive. Making huge battle takes a lot of time after battle and first of all a lot of time during battle (to write down spell cast, wounds from shooting) and because we are not tournament players and we really play with someone else they each other, we take those battle to competitive and focus on winning more then anything else.
    There is small learning curve inn battle chronicles but once you know basics it is very fast and easy. Just remember to change from "skirmish" mode because as far as I know it is default mode and it isn't best for WFB. If you use army builder for making rosters you can upload it directly to Battle Chronickle.
    Have fun once again.


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